Kate Thornton describes her girlfriends as her muscles – “because they keep me strong”.

The former X Factor host has a host of famous friends on speed dial, including Myleene Klass, Denise Van Outen and actress Tamzin Outhwaite.

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The 44-year-old, whose celebrity pals also feature on her cashback website TBSeen, shares her friendship advice with us.

1. Be there for each other – and bring wine

“We’ve all been friends for so long. I think it’s important to always have an open ear, open arms, a shoulder to cry on, and somebody that’s always going to pop open a bottle of wine when you most need it,” says Kate.

2. Friendship can last a lifetime


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“My friendship group has been through so much together, be it the early days of starting your career, finding your independence, striking out on your own, settling into relationships, having families. And for quite a lot of us, the end of those relationships – and the many hours on the phone that you need to get you through that,” says Kate, who has a son, Ben, with her ex, DJ Darren Emerson.

“My female friendships have outlasted any of my romantic relationships over the years and I think that’s true of a lot of people. ”

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3. Love your friends unconditionally


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“We are all flawed. There’s a card I bought about 15 of, that I give out on birthdays. It says, ‘Friendship is when somebody knows you and still likes you anyway’,” she says.

“As you get older, I hope you become more tolerant and compassionate and understanding. Laughing at those flaws is very important in our group of girls. We celebrate the good bits and the bad bits about each other and it’s all wrapped in love.”

4. Have fun

“All of my friends will give me a fun night out,” says Kate. “And we’ve all gathered enough life experience to offer advice, insight and understanding. They’re like Swiss Army Knives, they can give everything!”

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So who’s the wildest on a night out? “Denise [Van Outen] and Tamzin [Outhwaite] are always pretty fruity and if you put Nic [Appleton, All Saints singer] in the mix as well, that’s always triple trouble,” Kate says.

“It all depends on who’s got what on the next day, who’s got kids to get up with. That will dictate how far a night can go! If we’re at a party and there’s music playing, you’ll find us all on the dance floor.”

Kate Thornton is the founder of deals and cashback website tbseen.com, the home of smart shopping