Sam and Billie Faiers on how they keep themselves and their families healthy

Sisters Sam and Billie have opened up their lives to the cameras and are sharing their lives as young mums. We found out how they keep their families healthy.

Fans of Sam Faiers have been following her life as a new mum ever since she and her boyfriend Paul, had their first child, baby Paul.

Now, The Mummy Diaries is about to start its third series. This year, her older sister Billie has joined the show, inviting the cameras into her home and introducing us to her fiancé Greg and their two children, three-year-old Nelly and one-year-old Arthur.

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This series, Sam's two-year-old baby Paul becomes an older brother to Rosie, born in November 2017.

We caught up with Sam and Billie to find out how they keep themselves and their young families healthy and happy.

Do you try and cook ​healthy meals?

Sam: “I’m forever planning baby Paul’s meals and making sure that he eats healthy but it’s really bad because I find myself not looking after myself, just making sure that they fed or I’ll be eating the scraps of what they’ve got. I’ve really got to start looking out for myself now but it is so hard since having Rosie and juggling being a family of four. It takes time to adjust and all you think about is the kids so you’re not worrying about yourself sometimes so I find myself eating tea and biscuits all day.”

Billie: “I think though, like a lot of mums, you sort of snack on-the-go so you do literally just grab what you can. I try and have like healthy things in the fridge but then today we’ve not eaten since we got up and we’ve been on the go and you crash and just need a big sandwich. Everything in moderation.”

Sam: “We’re always on the go.”

Billie: “We home-cook all the time, it’s not like microwave meals, it’s always home cooking and I think that in itself is just so much healthier.”

Sam: “We’re always on the go with the kids or even like indoors doing housework, you’re up and down the stairs and then one starts crying. You don’t sit down so that keeps us fit.”

Is it hard to find time to worry about your ​own health?

Sam: “I think at the moment because Rosie’s so young and I’m constantly breastfeeding her and then I’m seeing to Paul. I think in the next couple of months when Rosie will be weaning and the pressure will be off the breastfeeding so I’m going to really start. We’ve got Billie’s hen do this year so we’ve got a focus for my bikini body.”

Billie: “We both just want to tone.”

Sam: “I want to feel strong again. I want to be able to do 10 minutes of cardio without feeling sick. It’s the feeling I want. I’m going to be out of the tired stage soon.”

Billie: “I think as well when it starts getting warmer like spring is coming you naturally get more motivated.”

Sam: “Whereas when it’s winter and it’s raining and freezing it’s like [she groans]. I don’t like exercising indoors as well.”

Billie: “I don’t like exercise full stop.”

Sam: “But I do like going outside. I’ll get a personal trainer and we’ll go out in the garden. I genuinely do really enjoy it. I quite like group sports not that we do that any more.”

Billie: “I love team sports. I’d rather do that.”

Sam: “I’d rather play a game of netball twice a week but it’s hard to do that.”

Billie: “It’s the commitment as well isn’t it. We have to be able to choose as and when we want to do that.”

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Were you sporty growing up?

Billie: “We were in the teams for everything.”

Sam: “And I was a gymnast as well growing up so I was training for an Olympic squad. To be honest it was a shame because I lost interest as I got a bit older but I was training three times a week so I always loved fitness. I would love both my kids to be really sporty.”

Billie: “I think sport is really important.”

Sam: “Some children you just can’t push. You’ve got to support what they want to do.”

Billie: “I think it’s good to teach them that sport is good for you. I won’t be having all that ducking out of sport because my little toes hurting like you used to do in PE.”

Sam: “Yeah I’d have them toughen up and get involved."

Billie: “I think it’s good to show that message that it is good for you to be active.”


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What are your go-to meals when you’re in a rush?

Billie: “I like chicken casserole because I can feed it to everyone in the house."

Sam: “I’ve got a slow cooker so sometimes if I don’t know what to cook and I’m going out in the day I’ll put everything in it – whatever is left in the fridge. If I haven’t got meat I’ll make like a vegetarian hotpot. It always ends up tasting nice. I just chuck it all in there and hope for the best.

"All my meat and veg is organic, not that I’m that good [holds chocolate buttons]. When I do my food shop, all my meat and vegetables are always organic. Little changes like that make a big difference long-term on your health. When you’re cooking you want your children to eat the best."

Billie: “Which is why I think home cooking is so important when you have children because you know everything that’s going in it. I really enjoy making their little dinners.”

Sam and Billie Faiers: The Mummy Diaries returns to ITVBe at 9pm on March 7.

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