She may be an octogenarian, but actress and writer Nanette Newman, star of British 1960s classics such as The League Of Gentlemen, The L-Shaped Room and Seance On A Wet Afternoon, and who famously fronted the Fairy Liquid ads of the Eighties, remains remarkably young-looking.

It looks like the actress, whose husband, the director, actor and screenwriter Bryan Forbes died in 2013, may have passed the youthful genes on to her daughters, TV presenter Emma Forbes and journalist Sarah Standing.

So, what does she put her youthful looks down to? We caught up with the actress who has just turned 83.

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‘I’ve never had plastic surgery’

"I have never in my life done anything to my face like plastic surgery, not because I don’t think that people look wonderful from it, a lot of people look great. It’s just that I’d be too scared.

"What I do is go to somewhere like Boots, and anything that says ‘anti-ageing’ – I’ll grab it. I’m always buying creams and products, but other than that, I don’t do anything.

"You always see rather beautiful women saying, ‘I’m so against photographs being touched up and Photoshopped, but I think, ‘Oh, it’s only a photograph.’ If it makes you look good, then enjoy it."

‘I’ve never been to a gym’

"About 100 years ago, I trained for ballet, which is a good basis. Now I have a sort of strap thing over the bathroom door and you stretch your body. I don’t do exercise which leaves you exhausted and sweating. But I do stretching. I might just get up while I’m watching telly and do some. A lot of people walk – I don’t. A lot of people go to the gym – I’ve never been to a gym. What I do is fairly gentle and fairly quick, about 10 minutes at a time."

‘I am not obsessive about my diet’

"Because I’ve written a lot of cookbooks, I’m interested in diet and all the fads about food and, by and large, I try to eat vegetables and fruit, but I’m not obsessive about it. If I have a bad day, then I’ll eat a bar of chocolate. Then the next day, I’ll have great salads and fish. I admire people who stick to a really good diet."

‘It’s probably in the genes’

"My parents were very good looking people. One of the advantages of looking older is that your eyesight isn’t so good, so you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, but you’re not seeing yourself really well and you think, ‘I look OK this morning!’"

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‘I keep busy but I’m a technophobe’

"I’m hopeless at anything technical. Bryan would get people in to do it. Now I have all sorts of things I can’t do. I have an iPad that my grandchildren are brilliant on – but it’s like being in a foreign country to me. I don’t understand it because I wasn’t brought up with it. I use yellow legal pads to write on by hand. I don’t use a computer. Technology is wonderful, but so many young people are glued to their telephones in such a way, you never see their faces.

"I paint, which I find interesting. It’s creative. I’ve just written another children’s book and a television play, because I wanted to keep writing. I’ve taken a sculpting course. Keeping occupied is important. I don’t like doing nothing. I enjoy family gatherings. I like television. I’ve just been watching House Of Cards – it’s brilliant!"