At 2am on Sunday October 30, the clocks go back one hour, marking the end of British Summer Time and the return to Greenwich Mean Time.

But what can you do with your extra 60 minutes? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Exercise - One of the most common reasons for avoiding exercise is lack of time, so with an extra 60 minutes in your day this weekend, you really have no excuse!

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Don’t worry, we’re not talking a hard-core high-intensity workout, more a 10-Minute Solution Fitness DVD. It even leaves you time to spare – 50-minute bath anyone?

Declutter - A good clear-out works wonders for your mood. Once you’ve done it, that is, not so much when you’re sat on the floor surrounded by piles of junk wondering: “Why did I ever start this?”

Spending the hour decluttering will not only give your home a much needed revamp, but you’ll feel great for finally ticking that job off your to do list!

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Duvet time - It’s not very often that you get something for nothing. You won’t be judged for spending your extra 60 minutes on some valuable rest and relaxation in bed.

Got kids? Get them watching one of the movies in BT TV Store,  for the earmuffs and snuggle down for an hour’s shut-eye.