Who is Joe Wicks? All you need to know about The Body Coach

Joe Wicks has turned his 1.9 million Instagram followers into a fitness empire. We found out everything you need to know about him.

Joe Wicks is perhaps better known online by his Instagram handle: The Body Coach.

His huge – and hugely fit - following on social media have catapulted him to fame and helped him launch a healthy eating and fitness empire of his own. We found out everything you need to know about him.

Who is Joe Wicks?

31-year-old personal trainer Joe is from Epsom, Surrey where he attended a local state school.

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Why is he called The Body Coach?

Joe mainly built his reputation as a personal trainer using his social media platforms.

On Instagram, his handle is The Body Coach – a moniker that is still used to refer to him amongst many of his followers.


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What qualifications does he have?

He went onto gain a degree in sports science from St Mary’s University in Twickenham and has five years’ experience as a personal trainer.

He also spent three years as an online nutrition coach. He has no formal nutritional qualifications, however.

How did he get famous?

Joe built up a loyal following on his Instagram page, The Body Coach, where he shares workout ideas and healthy recipes.

He also uses his Facebook page similarly, often livestreaming simple home workouts.


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What are his books about?

Thanks to his online fame, Joe has released a number of books sharing his healthy eating philosophy, recipes and exercise tips.

His first book, Lean In 15, was released in 2015 and comprised of healthy recipes which are easy to make, the majority of which can be cooked in 15 minutes.

His philosophy abandons the traditional school of thought that calorie restricted diets lead to good health.

Instead his focus is on making sure people eat the right food and food groups for their lifestyle and never feel hungry while building a lean, strong physique.

The new series of Joe Wicks: The Body Coach starts on Channel 4 tonight, at 8pm.

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