At just 32 years of age Nikki Bella has built a business empire with twin sister Brie Bella. The stars of hit E! shows Total Divas and Total Bellas, they’ve also just recently launched a wine brand – Bella Radici Wines – and a clothing brand – Birdie Bee – named after Brie’s new-born daughter.

She’s also currently starring on Dancing with the Stars, America’s incredibly popular answer to Strictly Come Dancing, with dance partner Artem Chigvintsev.

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As she's also just got engaged to WWE heel John Cena, it’s safe to say she’s certainly got more than a lot on her plate!

We chatted to Nikki on how she manages to do it all and her best tips for living your best, fearless life yet.

Be fearless

Both Nikki and Brie embrace the idea of being “fearless” and you’ll often see them wearing gear with the slogan.

Nikki said she’s always had a keen interest in business and that at first many people laughed her ideas off. But she didn’t let this stop her, and she encourages to ignore the haters when it comes to chasing your goals:

“If there is something inside you are passionate about go for it, and don’t stop until it succeeds, Birdie Bee has taken over three years to get to where we are right now and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard no or this isn’t going to work but I was passionate about it and I didn’t stop.


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"What I tell our Diva girls is our bodies can’t wrestle forever and if there is something in your heart you know you love to do I say start on it! Do it on your days off, and don’t stop until you get where you want to be.”

Count your calories

As you’ll see on both Total Divas and Total Bellas, despite being a pro-wrestler, Nikki isn’t obsessed with being a size 0 and is far from a health freak. However, she told us that one of the easiest ways she’s found to watch her figure is to go back to the basics and simply count those calories:

“Watch your calories. Diet is the most important part of getting into shape. Once you start counting calories you really start to realise what you are putting into your body it’s amazing just how many calories are in things – I would take one of my favourite snacks and be like: 'Wait, what?! That has HOW many calories?! It’s so little and small, this is crazy!'

"Once you start counting it does get a lot easier watching what you eat, and it’s especially important if you don’t have a lot of time to workout. A lot of people can’t realistically work out more than three times a week.”

Embrace setbacks

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A quick glance at Nikki’s social media presence and you could be fooled that she has the picture-perfect life. But she is clear to point out that an incredible amount of hard work has gone into becoming the household name she is today and rarely a year goes by without her experiencing at least a few major setbacks.

Just last year, for example, Nikki suffered a major neck injury that put her entire wrestling career in jeopardy. While she admits she did feel sorry for herself for a bit she ultimately embraced it and used to explore the entrepreneurial concepts she’d long placed on the backburner.

“When I suffered my neck injury it opened up my mind to a lot of things. I think sometimes when people go through a major injury they think life is over and for me it was just more eyes opened that I could focus on.


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"I knew my end game was to eventually get back in that ring, which gave me the motivation and drive but it also gave me time to focus on other things I love. I’ve always loved travel and fashion, and Birdie Bee gives me the opportunity to explore both

I hope that every year there will be moments I can get into the ring but I love being an entrepreneur and it allows me to grow as a woman and challenge myself every day and I can be challenged by people that are smarter than me every day and I just absolutely love it.”

Go out of your comfort zone

Nikki joked that she doesn’t see herself earning an Oscar anytime soon, but she would like to try acting one day, especially after seeing how much her partner and fiancé John Cena gets out of his various starring movie roles.

“I don’t think I’d be a breakout movie star but I would love to get that experience. John tells me his stories from being on set and how much fun he has, and to see his movies come to life I do find myself thinking wow this would be really fun. I would absolutely love to play a villain type role in a superhero movie - why not?”

Do what you love


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Nikki admits that even she can get bored of same-old gym style work-outs and she’s been trying some alternative workout types that she genuinely looks forward to doing:

“I’m obsessed with pure bar I used to lift weights before my neck injury but after my neck injury it was just really hard to put a barbell across my shoulders, anything that involved a heavy weight became very painful, and so I just fell in love with pure bar, I love what it does for my core, my waist, my butt and plus I realise that I really like to be classes where you’re forced to put your cellphone away!

"You’re really just able to be lost in the moment for an hour and to get lost in the music and work really hard. I also love hot yoga!”

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