We’ve all heard of conventional food combinations like cheese and tomato or ham and cheese but have you ever thought of eating white chocolate with caviar? Here are some strange food combinations that work.

1. Chocolate and salt

OK, this isn’t that strange but it’s not exactly conventional is it?

2. Bacon and Banana

Try making banana pancakes and topping it off with bacon and maple syrup…

3. Seaweed shortbread

Who would have thought it, seaweed and shortbread – apparently combined it’s delicious.

4. Peanut butter and Vegemite

It works so well that Cadbury’s has made a bar, enjoy.

5. White chocolate and caviar

Just make sure you have the budget…

6. Avocado and coffee

Huh? This one has us scratching our heads to be honest…

7. Strawberries and Jalapenos

We get it, kind of like sweet and sour but to a whole other level.

8. Chicken and chocolate

We’ve never tried chocolate with chicken, but it sounds really good.

9. Beef patty with strawberry jam

The sweetness of the jam works really well with the meat, apparently.

10. Chocolate and hummus

Whoever came up with this, in our minds at least, is a genius.

11. Guinness and Oreos

We didn’t say it, we didn’t even think it tbh.