We can’t all live like royalty, but if you do find yourself with a few million pounds to spare and want to emulate their regal style, here’s how…

1. Off with the eiderdown

Sheets, blankets and flat feather-filled quilts called eiderdowns are out – modern duvets are in.

This was the news earlier this year from Windsor Castle, a change which sparked uproar among some members of the Royal Household who believe the tradition of using the old-fashioned layering technique should be maintained.

In case you’re yet to switch over, let’s recap: the old method is more time-consuming, but eiderdowns don’t require washing as frequently as duvets.

Alexandra Messervy, founder of leading etiquette and household management consultancy The English Manner, who also previously worked for the Queen in the Master of the Household’s department, told the Daily Mail: “No matter which type of bedding is chosen, there is only one way to make a bed, and that is with great attention to detail, such as correctly tucking the sheets under the mattress as far and as straight as you can to avoid lumps, and making sure that you have equal amounts of sheet on all sides when making the bed.”

2. Anyone for tennis?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are well known for being sporty – and the multi-million pound refurbishment of their 10-bedroom Georgian pile Anmer Hall in Norfolk included a new tennis court.


According to documents posted on the King's Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council last year, Wills and Kate had applied for planning permission to knock down their existing tennis court and build a new one a bit further away from the house.

But the key detail was they wanted artificial grass rather than the real stuff – presumably pragmatism prevailed because Wills didn’t want to have to mow the lawn before a knockabout?

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3. Room for little ones

Toddler Prince George and baby Princess Charlotte have shared nurseries at home at Kensington Palace and Anmer Hall.

The theme chosen by Kate before George was born in 2013 was Beatrix Potter, so the little one could be entertained by images of characters like Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddleduck.

Kate chose fittings for the room from high-end children’s furniture shop Dragons of Knightsbridge, where The Cocoon Moses basket costs a cool £3,975.

4. One’s own swimming pool

In August 2014, it was revealed that Prince George was having weekly swimming lessons in the pool at Buckingham Palace.

In 1938, plans were drawn up by Scottish architect James Jack Roberts to convert the palace’s North-West Pavilion into a pool for the young Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret to have swimming lessons in.

The construction was covered by the press, with one article in January 1939 describing it as a “full-sized affair with the bottom and walls of thick concrete”.

In a letter to King George VI, First Commissioner of Works Sir Philip Sassoon suggested the edge be marked in less slippery vitreous, rather than glazed, black mosaic tiles, with two bands of green to add ‘sparkle and liveliness to the water’.

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