Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do. The key to ensuring it all goes smoothly on the day is being prepared and avoiding any surprises.

Dave Sayce, co-founder of, has all the things you need to know to make the process as easy as possible:

1. Do your own dirty work

Some removal companies will disassemble your furniture for you for an extra charge but the chances are you will do this yourself.

You will also have to reassemble it at the other end and rehang curtains, refit carpets you have taken with you, and dispose of any unwanted items.

If you know this is something you can’t do, be sure to do your research for a removal company that will do it for you for a reasonable sum.

2. Make sure you get a consultation

A reputable removal company should send someone to your home to assess the amount of items they will be moving.

Some, however, will offer a more detailed consultation service to help you with planning, organisation, de-cluttering and different options on moving day. If you can, try to arrange this, as it will make everything much more seamless and less stressful.

3. Check your insurance

Before the big day it’s sensible to check what your insurance covers and see if there is anything that could catch you out if something goes wrong during the move.

If there is anything not covered, you might have to purchase extra insurance.

It’s also worth checking what insurance your removals company has and what they are covered for.

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4. Keep valuables with you

Keeping valuables with you on the day helps avoid the stress of trying to find them in the sea of boxes when you get to your new place.

Think about what valuable items you need to keep on you during the day that you might not have considered, like jewellery, your driving licence, passport and other personal documents.

5. Pack a survival kit

Another tip to avoid having to trawl through every single box the second you get the keys to your new home is to keep everyday essentials handy.

Box things like the kettle, tea bags, toiletries, chargers and medication together. Make sure it’s clearly labelled, so that it’s easy to find.

6. Keep a list

Making a comprehensive inventory list will ensure nothing goes walkabout and everything is accounted for on moving day.

Keep it safe and remember to check it when you arrive at your new place.

7. Expect the unexpected

Try as you might, ultimately you have to accept that there will always be some things outside of your control on moving day.

This could be as trivial as bad weather, or as upsetting as broken and lost items; things annoyingly can and will go wrong.

If you are easily stressed, it’s worth thinking about coming up with a coping strategy to deal with any moving day mishaps, whether it’s chanting a mantra, keeping a trusty emergency contact handy or having a ready supply of comfort food to hand.

Have you got any tips to minimise moving day stress? Let us know in the Comments section below.