Blocked sink? Leaky tap? Ugly light fitting? Don’t holler for a fella like some damsel in distress - here are eight DIY jobs every woman should know how to do…

1. Patching a hole in the wall
Whether your doorknob has punctured the wall or a small hole from a nail has grown, this simple repair can usually be done in less than an hour. Check out Home Building and Renovating for the lowdown on how to patch up plaster.

2. Sealing windows and doors
Winter is inevitable. Drafts are optional. Check out Southportdoors for their top tips on keeping out the cold.

3. Fixing the toilet
No one likes to think about toilets, but simple maintenance can keep your throne from your thoughts. How Stuff Works has tips that cover everything from flush problems to wiggly seats.

4. Taking apart the sink p-trap
Firstly the ‘p-trap’ is the main pipe that runs from the drain and curves resembling, well, a P.

It tends to clog and you may well lose the odd earring down the drain but if you do it’s OK - For Dummies has the scoop on taking the thing apart.

5. Change a light fixture
No, not a bulb, the whole fixture - as in upgrading from run-of-the-mill plastic lampshade to full-on chandelier. The Ultimate Handyman has a simple run-down on fixing that fitting.

6. Remove or replace a doorknob or lock
Whether it's cosmetic or for security purposes, this is a good DIY skill to have. Check out eHow for the simplified steps.

7. Repairing a leaky tap
Trust us, the drip-drip-dripping will keep you up all night, so go to Leaking Taps for fix-it tips.

8. Hang wallpaper
It’s not strictly classed as DIY but as wallpaper is making a comeback it's best you learn how to hang it! Go to The Everest Blog for some handy hints.

Who does the majority of DIY in your house? Tell us in the Comments section below.