As spring approaches, many people are considering a spring clean to de-clutter their homes and gardens.

But without plenty of storage, your big clean-up could mean all you do is move stuff from one room to the corner of another.

The best advice is always to throw something out or give it to charity every time you bring something new into the house.

But if it's too late for that, Julie Paul, head of interior design at furniture experts OKA, promises. “There are plenty of ways to nurture extra storage space without sacrificing the aesthetic.”

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1. A versatile desk

Julie says an industrial aesthetic can make a home look fabulous - rich, lived-in and productive. She suggests a Pompidou Desk, which has a tubular, industrial feel.

“A versatile desk is perfect for your books, records or as a working space. With plenty of lower shelves it makes for a great space-saver that’s easy on the eye too,” she says.

2. Multi-purpose furniture

Making use of side tables or bedside tables is another idea.

Such multi-purpose furniture is perfect for storing books in any room.

3. Utilise baskets

In the kitchen, if your cupboards just aren't big enough, try extra baskets such as the Houseology large woven willow kitchen storage basket.

Complete with integral handles, it's ideal for storing all sorts of kitchen goods in style.

4. Child friendly storage

If you've got kids, easy storage options are vital, and the cuter the better. The Canadian brand 3 Sprouts has a range of family storage solutions including a large toy chest.

Made from 100% cotton canvas, each item features a brightly-coloured animal made from a felt appliqué, including whales, crocodiles, unicorns and flamingos.

Then there's locker storage such as the Kid Kraft Kids Locker. A great way to keep rooms tidy, the locker, which features two separate storage compartments and moves easily on inclusive wheels, can help kids organise everything from their favourite toys to important school supplies. It can also be used as a bedside table.

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5. Space saving storage

But if furniture just won't hide all the clutter, why not increase your storage capacity five-fold by putting clothes and bedding in Packmate vacuum bags?

The clever bags allow you to flatten items by sucking the air out of the bags with a vacuum cleaner.

6. Outdoor storage

And if it's not just the house that needs a bit of a spring clean, how about sorting out some storage for the garden too?

“If your garden is a busy space, consider investing in rattan garden furniture,” suggests Julie.

She says an outdoor storage trunk is great for keeping toys, outdoor cushions and other bits and bobs safely tidied away when not needed.

How do you keep your home organised? Share your secret storage solutions in the Comments section below.