No, it isn’t April Fool’s day, and we’re not pulling your leg – or should we say: your blooming rhododendrons.

B&Q has just announced that it’s employed three full-time ‘plant whisperers’ to work their magic in their Southampton store, after recent research from the Royal Horticultural Society revealed that 51% of people talk to their plants – and 50% of us believe it helps them to grow.

In fact, some studies in South Korea have even gone as far to suggest that plants also respond to music by growing quicker, and blossoming earlier, when they hear the rhythmic sounds of music.

Led by botanist Tim Clapp, B&Q’s newly employed plant whisperers will be on-hand to help customers learn how to nurture their plants and blooms with the right garden chit-chat and music therapy.

As well as creating the ultimate plant playlist, with hits like The Foundations’ Build Me Up Buttercup, Bon Jovi’s Bed of Roses and Nirvana’s Marigold, the plant whisperers will be on hand via social media to give advice and to help customers learn what phrases seem to conjure up the best ‘flower power’.

“When I first heard that talking to plants helps them grow, I was sceptical. However, when my mum’s tomato plant started to wilt whilst she was away, I thought I’d give it a go and couldn’t believe the positive results,” says Jamie Ormrod, trainee plant whisperer.  “Each species has its own personality so different phrases and songs work better for different plants. I’m excited to spread the word and share the language of flowers.”

For anyone who can’t travel to the Hedge End store, customers can tweet @BandQ with images of their unhappy blooms using the hashtag #PlantWhisperers  – so the team can give advice on which songs or phrases would work best to perk up their droopy plants and flowers.

Would you sweet-talk your flowers and plants to help them to grow? Please leave your Comments in the box below.