Going to the cinema to see a new film is always a treat; especially if you add a nice big bag of pick ‘n’ mix. But imagine if you could open your back door and settle down into a plush red velvet seat to watch your favourite movie without leaving the confines of your garden shed?

It’s a dream which could become a reality thanks to landscaper Ashley Yeats. He’s now making bespoke luxury cinemas for clients  who want to take their movie obsession to the next level.

With prices ranging from £12,000 to £32,000 - and no space for storing the lawnmower - Ashley will kit out each unique cinema with a high-tech surround sound system, 3D projector, Blu-ray player and games console.

Technical matters aside, the twinkly lights in the ceiling, comfy cinema seats and choice of sugary snacks on offer will certainly seal the deal by creating your very own cinema heaven. Popcorn served in a plant pot, anyone?

Got you intrigued? Feast your eyes on Torri cinemas for more details.

What film would you choose to watch in your bespoke shed cinema? Please leave your Comments in the box below.

Photo credits: Ashley Yates/The Torri Cinema Co.