We’ve all heard of the saying ‘a tidy house is a tidy mind’, and ridding yourself from all that clutter can be far more positive and healthy than you think.

A nation of shoppers, surrounding ourselves with too many possessions, hoarding things for a ‘rainy day,’ and too many household items can cause feelings of anxiety and stress and have an impact on our ability to work efficiently.

Indeed, the Be Brain Fit website warns us that ‘clutter affects your brain’s ability to concentrate and process information’.

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To help you be in control of clutter (which affects women more than men), calm the chaos, and improve your feelings of wellbeing, here’s how to turn the negative into the positive…

1. Wardrobe woes

An untidy wardrobe strewn with clothes that have been tossed to one side, don’t fit anymore or should have gone to the charity shop years ago can cause feelings of anxiety. Even the thought of having a clear-out can lead to despair, but once you tackle this task and reach for those black garbage bags, hangers and shoe baskets, you’ll have a wonderful feeling of achievement.

2. Kitchen nightmares

There’s nothing more depressing than dirty dishes in the sink, leftover food, messy work surfaces and a stained kitchen floor. Not only can this cause hygiene issues, but it can lead to poor eating habits. Start by ditching chipped crockery, old cutlery and clearing out the cupboards. Clean and disinfect, make sure tins and packets are still within their use-by dates and get rid of anything that’s cluttering up space.

3. Can you live in your living room?

The living room is one of the most important spaces in the house, where you can show off pretty homewares, family photos, watch TV in comfort and feel happy to entertain. But if it’s such a dusty mess that you feel too embarrassed to invite anyone over, this can lower your self-esteem and lead to feelings of guilt for not being a better homemaker. Time to reach for the duster, box up all those old magazines and knick-knacks, Hoover under the sofa and polish your favourite possessions.

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4. Poor sleeping pattern

Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to good health, but clutter in the bedroom can have a negative impact on whether you wake up feeling rested. Fresh bed linen, a tidy dressing table, clean windows, fresh flowers and a radio instead of a TV in the bedroom can not only boost your mood, but benefit your heart and mind. 

Have you had a declutter to mark the start of the New Year?