If there’s one thing you can’t leave off your shopping list every week – especially if you have a hungry brood to feed who love nothing more than devouring a plate of sandwiches in seconds – it’s bread.

But did you know that a slice of bread can also be used to clean your house? Try these five tips – just don’t be tempted to eat the slice afterwards.

1. A slice of bread is the best way to pick up shattered, broken glass. Start by collecting the bigger pieces with a dustpan and brush, then to pick up all the little bits place a slice of bread over the top so even the smallest of glass shards will stick to it.

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2. If your wallpaper is covered in sticky finger marks, some loaf action could do the trick. On wallpaper that can’t be washed, try buffing away any greasy or sticky marks with a slice of bread and voila – super clean walls!

3. Leather stains can be incredibly annoying, especially on your prized sofa. Remove the crusts from a slice of bread, roll the bread into a ball and gently rub the stain until the mark has gone.

4. If you’ve got a dusty painting the last thing you want to do is to spray any cleaning chemicals onto your masterpiece. Instead, get a spongy piece of bread and gently lift away any dust in a few quick sweeps. Before you know it, it will look bright and new again.

5. You don’t need to worry about gravy or wine dribbles on your pristine tablecloth if you’ve got a slice of bread to hand – it will quickly absorb the liquid and make it easier to get the stain out when you come to wash it later.

Have you ever tried cleaning your house with bread? Tell us in the Comments section below.