Dazzling worktops and hair-free bathroom sinks are wonderful things, but the hard graft required to get them sparkling can be back-breaking at worst, and mind-numbing at best.

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A recent poll revealed that more of us are having a blast doing the sweeping and mopping than we let on. Chemical-free cleaning product brand e-cloth have found that no fewer than 84% of Brits get their groove on and have a good old dance while they’re tidying up, with 32% getting their moves out to Happy by Pharrell, while 29% prefer shakin’ it to Another One Bites The Dust by Queen.

Laurence Smith, e-cloth spokesperson, said: "It’s great to see that the British public love to have a dance while they clean their houses, and we certainly recommend it!

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“Our survey shows that whilst consumers are shifting away from traditional cleaning methods and opting for more natural and greener regimes using just water, they’re still having fun while they clean thanks to their favourite top 40 hits."

In this spirit, here are a few more ways to put the fun back into, erm, anti-bac-ing:

Loud and proud

Don’t just dance, sing-a-long as well. Warm up thos vocals while vaccuming,trust us it's even more satisfying than warbling in the shower.

Reward yourself

The old carrot on a stick method… A morning of dusting and wiping down skirting boards will be made infinitely more enjoyable knowing that when it’s done, a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit will be waiting.

For nastier, less frequent jobs, like cleaning the toilet or bleaching the bath, up the ante and promise yourself a trip to the shops. Or use your cleaning prowess as a bartering chip: you do the washing up, but only if someone else cooks dinner tonight. It’s a win-win scenario.

Calorie counting

TV presenter Doctor Chris van Tulleken discovered in BBC One documentary 'The Truth About… Calories'  that you’re better off doing housework than hitting the gym when it comes to burning calories.

So, instead of dreading washing the windows, skip the gym and start thinking about how many chocolate bars you’ll shed with every newly sparkling pane. That’s real motivation for you. 

Drink up

Now, we’re not suggesting you start mopping to justify an 11am gin and tonic, but the thought of sipping on a fancy coffee while your floors are drying might make the whole experience less draining. 

Cash in

So, you’ve ransacked your cupboards, and now have a hefty amount of stuff to lug to the car boot or pop on eBay. Remember one man’s joyless trash is another’s treasure – you might just make your fortune.

Change your life

One of the bestselling books over the past year has been The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A Simple, Effective Way to Banish Clutter Forever by Marie Kondo.

If you haven’t heard of it, it advocates the ‘KonMari Method’, an emotional rather than practical approach to sorting your stuff out.
The idea is to decide which belongings to keep and discard, with one question in mind: does this item bring me joy? If not, chuck it.

Kondo believes this transformative process (which also encourages individually rolled socks) will have a knock-on effect on your personal and work life too.

Suddenly, you’ll be culling friends that don’t enhance your life, as easily as you consign shoes to the car boot pile.

Pure smugness

There’s no better incentive for getting the house spick and span, than knowing you have people coming round. All you need is one person to go, “Er, what’s the name of your cleaner?” to make all that hard graft with the scourer seem worthwhile.

Cash out

Not convinced? We recommend you pay someone else to do the cleaning for you, so you can go and do something genuinely fun!