Spring has sprung and it’s time to spruce up your home – but before you tackle the skirting boards or start polishing the mantelpiece, have you taken a look at your blinds?

Nothing shows up pesky dust like sunlight streaming through the windows, yet blinds are often overlooked when it comes to the big spring clean.

Here are some tips for playing a blinder when it comes to cleaning your Venetians, Romans and verticals.

1. A clean cotton sock is a great substitute for a microfibre cloth when cleaning PVC or aluminium (but not wooden) Venetian blinds, according to blind retailer Blinds-Hut. Dip the sock in warm water and cleaning solution (making sure it doesn’t contain irritants), wring it out until damp, then place your hand inside and clean each slat on both sides simultaneously from top to bottom.

2. Use an upholstery attachment if you’re using a vacuum cleaner to clean your blinds, or you’ll risk damaging them.

3. Take fabric blinds to a dry cleaner – putting them in your washing machine will wear the material down over time.

4. Don’t soak blinds in the bath. You’ll risk getting the blind mechanism rusty.

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5. Blinds can quickly get dirty if you’re moving house; you have to take them down, walk them out of the house, put them in a perhaps-grubby van, walk them into your new house, and get them up. All while keeping them spotless.

6. Here’s a hack from Hillarys blinds for cleaning shutter blinds: If time is limited, switch your slats to the closed position. Wipe the slats and frame all over with a clean cloth, and use a hand-held feather duster for hard-to-reach areas.

7. Got a stubborn stain on your Roman blinds? Approach with caution to avoid damaging the fabric. Use a damp cloth and a little bit of stain remover (if the care label allows), and gently bring the stains out.

8. Look after the headrail and winding mechanism of your vertical blinds. Blinds-Hut recommends unclipping each of the louvres (the vertical ‘slats’) from the headrail brackets and wiping the area with a damp cloth. To stop the winding mechanism becoming stiff, lubricate twice a year with some silicon spray (which isn’t the same as WD-40). This will keep things well-oiled and ensure the mechanism runs smoothly with no squeaks.

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9. Are your wooden blinds getting grimy? Here’s a trick from Blinds-Hut: Add a couple of drops of washing up liquid to a bowl of warm water, and a tablespoon of baking soda. Dunk a microfibre cloth into the bowl, and then wring it out until it’s almost dry.

Gently wipe each slat (don’t apply too much pressure; this could stain the wood). Once finished, keep your windows open so that any moisture quickly evaporates. When dry, your wooden blinds should be as good as new!

How do you keep your blinds clean? Tell us in the comments box below