Lynsey ‘Queen of Clean’: 7 cleaning tips to spare your joints

Find cleaning a strain? Lynsey ‘Queen of Clean’ shares her tips on adapting your cleaning routine to make it easier on your body...

As we get older or have ailments, aches and pains we simply cannot help, cleaning the home can become extremely difficult and time-consuming – and for many, is the last thing they fancy doing.

When it comes to chores around the homes, the thought of cleaning stairs, getting into hard-to-reach areas like behind the sofa or under tables, wiping the skirting boards and removing cobwebs from the ceiling are the last things people who are less mobile want to do.

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Fortunately, there are a lot of little things you can do to help you – especially when it comes to tackling the most difficult areas of the home without the strain.

1. Bath

Use a toilet brush to clean the bath so it saves you having to bend. You get a really good clean this way too, with a sparkling finish.

2. Floor

Don’t have clutter and obstacles lying around. Tidy as you go, making sure you are not having to reach over things or have obstacles in the way that you could trip you up. Cleaning won’t also feel too much of an overwhelming task because you won’t accumulate any mess.

3. Oven

Investing in an oven liner means you won’t have to scrub the bottom of your oven when food has spilled over.

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4. Equipment

Purchase items that have extended poles or rods – check out Vorwerk's range of products for this. Vorwerk has designed the Kobold VK200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner with an extendable handle so you don’t have to keep bending over; instead, it does the work for you, which is especially good for people with back pain.

This vacuum can also lie flat on the floor, so you can get underneath sofas and tables with ease. Also, have cleaning products on each floor of your property so you’re not trudging up and down the stairs to retrieve the bleach or antiseptic wipes.

5. Time-savers

It’s important to make cleaning easy and straightforward so if there’s a product that’s designed to save time and ease tasks, go for it.

For example, the VK200’s SP530 head allows you to vacuum and mop floors at the same time, halving your cleaning time and also saving you storage space otherwise taken up by a mop and bucket.

6. Home help

Don’t be afraid to ask family to help – create a rota and list daily tasks so you’re all doing your bit. Or if you can, hire a home help.

7. If you’re feeling adventurous...

Sit back, relax and allow a robot such as Vorwerk’s VR200 Vacuum Cleaner to do the vacuuming for you. Once it’s set up you can programme it to clean when you’re not in to save you time and energy.

Lynsey 'Queen of Clean' is an ambassador for Vorwerk.

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