We all start a new year in the same way – with resolutions and the ‘New Year, New Me’ mantra we chant to ourselves over and over.

But what happens when you break those resolutions before you’ve even tucked into your kale-infused smoothie or blown the dust off your gym membership card?

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The trick to keeping resolutions is always to make them achievable. And that applies to cleaning as much as healthy eating or regular exercise.

You can often stare at one of your rooms and wonder how many hours it would take to master the mess. Research from home appliance maker Vorwerk found that 84% of us can spend up to four hours cleaning just to make it ‘guest-ready’ – so no wonder we might be tempted to keep the door firmly shut and get our feet up with a cuppa rather than sweat over the state.

Yet cleaning doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

Keep it simple

Set yourself simple goals to your cleaning routine. Go through and organise your products and gadgets.

Take five minutes each day in every room and have a general tidy – you’ll be surprised at how much you can achieve.

I was shocked to see that over a third of us (35%) spend time cleaning on Christmas Day, according to Vorwerk’s research - meaning those people were away from their families at such a special time. A bit of organisation can prevent that from happening this time around.

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Set time limits

Cleaning does not have to be a chore. Set yourself a time limit so you don’t lose motivation. Get the rest of the family involved in cleaning too – make it a fun thing to do.

Be brutal with clutter. You definitely don’t need those old batteries in your drawers and those 2011 wedding and christening invites hanging on your fridge can definitely be binned.

Keep your sides clear, don’t let paperwork clutter them and spend a few minutes each week going through the mail to decide what you need and what can be shredded.

Keep your cleaning cupboard well stocked


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Add a full set of cleaning products to each floor of your home too so that they’re in easy reach for when you have some spare minutes for a quick cleaning spree.

A handheld vacuum can work wonders too. As a nation, 75% of us clean most with the vacuum (according to Vorwerk’s research) and, having invested in a Vorwerk VC100 handheld, I just vacuum as crumbs and dirt appears. I’d recommend every home having a handheld as it saves you reaching for the big household vacuum all the time.

Take the time to organise your home, factor in your big Spring Clean and Christmas deep clean into your daily routine now and you’ll be sure to keep your cleaning resolutions intact in 2018.

Lynsey 'Queen of Clean' is an ambassador for Vorwerk.