Lynsey ‘Queen of Clean’: How to keep allergens at bay in the home

Lynsey ‘Queen of Clean’ lifts the lid on how we can ditch the dirt and enjoy our cosy homes with less pesky pet hair and dust.

One downside of the nights getting lighter is that we start spotting dirt around our homes as dust nestles on our skirting boards, mucky finger prints crop up on the windows and smears show across kitchen tops and surfaces.

I didn’t think I could be more alert to dust and dirt either, however, having just got a Cockapoo puppy called Hetty, I have a cleaning routine just for her alone.

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As many pet owners will know, once animals mark their scent in your home, they will constantly go back to that spot.

And if you leave it be, you’re in trouble.


We always make sure we get the vacuum out after Hetty comes in from a walk or inside from the garden.

We prefer to use a Vorwerk Kobold VK200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner that mops and vacuums at the same time - it has been a life-changer for us.

We favour this vacuum because it uses a special cleaning agent and a microfibre cloth to wash all kinds of floors so it makes my carpets look brand new again and gets rid of smells and stains quickly – much to Hetty’s dismay.

Hetty has brought so much joy to our family, but it wasn’t a quick and easy decision to make for a clean freak like myself. We deliberated over whether we should or shouldn’t get a pet for ages.

The thought of having pet hair everywhere filled me with dread, but we made sure we picked a dog that was short-haired so they wouldn’t moult as much.


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Pet peeves

Even though Hetty is a short-haired pup, we also try not to have her on the sofas and beds all of the time because there’s so much dirt and things that pets can bring in their paws and fur that can be invisible to the naked eye.

I know many pet owners let their dogs and cats sleep on their beds – it didn’t surprise me to read that 49% revealed that they did exactly that in a recent survey by Vorwerk.

But there’s so many dust mites and particles embedded in our mattresses such as dead skin (ugh!) so you have to keep on top of your cleaning.

I vacuum my mattress regularly to help try and keep an allergen-free home. Can you believe that nearly a fifth of UK householders (17%) told Vorwerk that they never clean their mattresses? I can’t imagine that.

I’d recommend vacuuming your mattress once a week and changing the bed sheets to help remove allergens.

Here’s some other simple ways to further avoid allergens in the home:

  • House plants are a great way of keeping the air clean and they are a great colourful addition to any home;
  • Regular dusting with a damp or microfibre cloth so you pick the dirt up rather than push it around;
  • Vacuum at least once a day. On weekends, vacuum the sofas and curtains;
  • Keep your home clutter to a minimum;
  • Avoid allergenic trees in the garden so when you have the windows open, the pollen doesn’t come in;
  • Put soft toys in the freezer every so often as this will kill the dust mites and then put them through the wash;
  • Use salt lamps. Not only do these give off a cosy glow, but they purify the air.

Lynsey ‘Queen of Clean’ is an ambassador for Vorwerk.

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