Thought springtime was the best time to spring clean? Think again.

According to cleaning and laundry experts Dr Beckmann, you shouldn’t wait for spring to arrive to give your home an intense cleaning makeover – in fact, it deserves some TLC all year long.

Not only will it make lighter work of the nastier household chores, like cleaning windows, shaking and deodorising carpets, removing cobwebs, cleaning out the fridge and scrubbing the floors, it will ensure your home is squeaky clean all year round.

Here are 12 steps to getting your home in tip-top shape…

January - Plan and declutter

New Year, New You? Begin the year with a clear head and January is the perfect time to declutter. It will give you a new focus and it’s good for the mind, happiness and wellbeing.

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February - Neglected areas

Kick-start February by cleaning lampshades, blinds, curtains, shelves, frames, bannisters and skirting boards. All these places are easily overlooked and blinds and curtains are particularly important as dust mites can form.

March - Invisible areas

Target the space under the bed, sofas, wardrobes and cabinets. Getting behind, under and around will ensure every area of your home is spick and span.

April - Windows

With brighter mornings and lighter evenings, April is a great time to tackle the windows, as sunlight will show up even the tiniest of smudges on the glass.

May - Aim high

Many people are guilty of placing items in spaces or rooms they don’t belong in. Not only does it look unsightly, but dust gathers quickly. Freshen up by moving anything hiding on top of cupboards, wardrobes or cabinets. 

June - DIY

Whether it’s a touch up of paint or maintenance repair, keep an eye out for anything you want to redecorate as summer is a busy time where family and friends pop by.

July - Summer spruce

Take advantage of long summer nights and the warmer weather and spruce up your outdoor space, such as tidying the garage, or clearing gutters and drains. 

August - Kids' rooms

The prime summer month, use this time to take it easy and relax. Get the kids to help out with a bedroom blitz and they can organise their clothes and unwanted toys before going back to school.

September - Floors

After a summer spent outdoors, floors and carpets will have been walked all over with mud and dirt. This is the best time for a deep clean, especially if you have pets.

October - Storage

If you have an attic, basement, or ‘messy’ room you keep everything stored, take the time to create space for winter. This will help you feel organized before you get the decorations out for Halloween and Christmas

November - Appliances

Get your kitchen and appliances ready for the festive season. As well as cleaning kitchen surfaces, deep clean the fridge and freezer, along with the washing machine, dishwasher and oven.

December - Detox

The final clean of the year should be focused on getting your house prepped for Christmas and New Year. Start as early as possible in December by doing a deep clean of the bathroom and kitchen.

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