Creative people are sharing their upcycling project ideas in droves - here's how you can get involved. 

What is upcycling?

Upcycling is a term used for being creative with something old and making it into something useful. For example cutting a discarded bath in half and turning it into a quirky armchair, or something as simple as painting an old piece of furniture.

Here are 11 brilliant transformations we spotted on Twitter – and they are making us feel inspired to get creative.

1. Make a chair from books

2. Paint an old piece of furniture

3. Make furniture from discarded materials

4. Make ornaments from wine corks

5. Make stylish storage from old boxes

6. Build a dolls house in a vintage suitcase

7. Make a lampshade from plastic bottles

8. Decorate old jars and tubes to make wedding table vases

9. Turn a jerry can into a mini-bar

10. Re-upholster a piece of furniture with some funky fabric

11. Cut an old bath tub to make a settee

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