7 home renovations to do in spring

The warmer weather is the perfect time to do those home repair or upgrade jobs you’ve been putting off through the winter months.

Spring is around the corner and when that chill in the air finally gives way to a warm breeze, it’s time to get busy around the home.

This season is the one to get proactive, getting all those annoying yet arduous home repair jobs finished before summer sets in.

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The building experts at insurance provider Hiscox have let us in on a few trade secrets of the jobs you certainly shouldn’t be putting off for much longer:

1. New windows

Work on bringing in natural light into your kitchen and living room by adding new windows or French windows.


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Spring is a great time to do this, as the weather is on the warmer side and you can have walls knocked down without freezing the house out. If new windows are too expensive, switch up your curtains for lighter, thinner versions.

2. Extensions

With the longer days, tradesmen have more daylight hours to get the work done. The warm weather means you and your family won’t freeze if there are holes in your external walls, plus, reduced rainfall means loft extensions are easier and less troublesome too.

3. Repave the driveway

Winter is the time that driveways tend to develop cracks. Spring weather is much more kind to asphalt, which you use to repave a driveway with, as it needs the right temperature and moisture to set properly.

4. Sort out wooden floors


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If you’ve been wanting to install wooden floors, do it spring – you can have your windows open for ventilation without freezing the whole household. If it’s just giving them a facelift by sanding them or re-varnishing, the same point applies.

5. Add paths, ponds and patios to the back garden

Spring is a good time to build a pond. The ground is softer so it’s easier to dig plus the water will be warmer which will encourage plants to grow and wildlife to make a home there.

New patios and paths will benefit from the warmer weather too, as, much like a driveway, they need that warmth to set.

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6. Upgrade a conservatory

Already have a conservatory? This is a great time to re-seal windows, as caulking can crack and recede during winter. This can air-seal the room, so that temperature is better regulated in both summer and winter.  The ideal time to do this is when the temperature rises above 7.2C.


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7. Repair the roof

Winter can take its toll on your roof – snow, rain and wind can all have an effect that’ll leave it leaking, missing tiles or cracking tiles.
Since we’re due less rain in spring, now’s the time to make those vital repairs so your home is as efficient and waterproof as possible.