Whether you’re looking to save some money, or make it, or you realise your house is in need of a little facelift, here are a few ways you can recycle, refresh or rid yourself of furniture.

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No dumping required.

1. Your local charity will no doubt be more than happy to relieve you of your unwanted furniture and this way everyone’s a winner. What’s the saying? One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure? So while you might be bored of a certain household item, someone else might be looking for that very thing item. You’ll also be doing a good deed and that never hurts anybody. Just remember to give them a call before you start wheeling that bed frame down the road, just in case cumbersome goods are a no-go.

2. Clothes-swap parties have been going for years so how about putting a little twist on it and hold a furniture-themed one instead? Now, we’re not talking chunky cupboards, four-poster beds or literally the kitchen sink but it could be an opportunity to trade smaller items-think picture frames, kitchenware, lamps, rugs and cushions.

3. Do a Del Boy and head to your local car boot sale. The idea of selling your wares out the back of your motor might seem a little archaic but you’ll probably have more fun than you imagined. You can exercise your haggling skills and make a bit of dough while you’re at it. Just remember to arrive as prepared as possible – the car boot enthusiast does not mess about.

4. Get creative. Put that Art GCSE to good use, grab a paint brush and spruce up the bland-looking photo frames, bookshelf, table or chair. You wouldn’t believe what a difference a lick of paint can make to a piece of furniture you thought was long past its sell-by date. If you’re not so creative, maybe ask a few friends around who are that way inclined and make an evening of it, paying them in wine and snacks.

5. Do a spot of DIY. Rather than throw something out, take a moment to see if it’s really beyond saving. Chances are you can fix the problem with an extra nail, a spot of glue or a little varnish. Look at magazines and online for inspiration or head to your local hardware shop for professional advice.

6. Ask around. Whether it’s on social media, in the newspaper or in an online ad, get the word out that you’re looking to sell, or simply get rid of (if you’re feeling generous) particular items. Give people as much information as possible and include a photo if you can.

7. Literally recycle. If you’ve assessed a piece of furniture and arrived at the conclusion that it’s truly no good to anyone, then pack it in the back of the car, or you know, in a wheelbarrow, and head to your nearest recycling centre. Or you can contact the local council to see if they offer a collection service. Visit www.recyclenow.com for tips.