If you’re the sort of pet owner who worships their cat like the sacred, amazing creatures they are, chances are you already spoil it rotten.

But rather than treating your pet cat with treats or toys, go one step further and give it its own cosy, cardboard house.

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Cats love to explore a box, bag or small space and by creating your own, you’re giving your cat a safe space for it to feel at home in.

Animal charity Blue Cross has created the first ever estate agents for cats, a roster of cat houses that will be auctioned off for charity and which are designed to encourage cat owners to give their moggies the space they need.

Ryan Neile, Head of Animal Behaviour at Blue Cross, explained why cats are drawn to cosy spaces.

“Cats are very inquisitive and love to explore new things, so most won’t hesitate to jump inside a cardboard box,” he said.

“Owners often provide cardboard boxes for kittens to climb and play on and jump in and these early experiences create an affection for boxes in later life. Cats also love to hide and feel safe and secure, so they will often seek out dark nooks and crannies with high sides.”

Want to create your own cardboard cat box? The experts at Blue Cross explain how:

• Sketch a simple floor plan on a large piece of paper that will be easy to follow when making the house.

• Find one or more cardboard boxes and start to craft them following your floor plan: all you should need is some scissors and sticky tape, plus some paints or coloured markers if you want to add a splash of colour for the full effect.

• Make sure your cat has enough room to move in and out of the house; cats love enclosed spaces but you have to make sure they can get into them in the first place.

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• Feel free to add some extra items to make the house cosy, for example a cushion or some soft padding that your cat can curl up and fall asleep on.

• Leave food, water and litter outside of the house so your cat can easily access the essentials.

• Try not to disturb your cat too much when they are relaxing in the house; it should be a private space where they feel like they can hide away.

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