When better than Halloween to ask members of the public if they believe in ghosts?

As the video above reveals, a Scotsman we spoke to claimed he almost became a ghost himself after three-and-a-half days lying unconscious in a hospital bed following a car crash.

“I had a vision,” he told BT.com. “I was looking down on the bed from above and I had the choice to go back to the body or stay where I was.”

Another believer, from Russia, said: “I want to go to some old abandoned prisons to look for ghosts but I haven’t had a chance to do it yet.”

But others were slightly more sceptical about spirit life after death.

“We see what we want to see and if people can’t move on from people who have died then they sometimes see them as external things but it is really just a figment of your imagination,” one man said.

Some of the people we spoke to had seen or heard spooky tales from friends and in the media but many sat on the fence without concrete evidence.

We also asked people who they would haunt and why.

Answers included Prime Minister David Cameron, ex-bosses, an ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend, Hitler, Stalin and Jack the Ripper.

Have you had any ghostly experiences? If you were a ghost, who would you haunt and why? Let us know in the Comments section below.