10 front garden mistakes to avoid

It's the first thing visitors see, so ensure you don’t make these common frontal faux pas.

If you like to keep your home looking good, don’t forget your front garden. It’s the first thing visitors see when they walk to your front door, but because it’s usually smaller than the back garden, it can get neglected.

Here are some of the front garden mistakes to avoid if you want your property to look its best.

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You haven’t tidied your edges

It’s fairly obvious that you need to mow any lawn at the front of your house, but don’t forget to trim the edges. Using the strimmer on the edges of paths and borders will make the front of your house look far more manicured and presentable.

If you’d prefer a low-maintenance front garden, why not consider artificial grass? It’s not cheap, but if your front lawn’s small, it shouldn’t be too expensive.

You haven’t pruned your climbers

If you don’t prune plants growing up your walls, they’ll start to block light from your windows and begin to clog gutters and drains - not to mention look unsightly.

You don’t have a focal point

If you’ve got a nice front door, that can be your focal point, but if it’s plain or tatty, don’t leave your front garden looking the same! Paint the front door, plant colourful flowers in beds, hanging baskets or tubs, or install a water feature.

You have too many focal points

Don’t pack your front garden with garden ornaments. Just have one focal point to maintain a natural, uncrammed feel.

Your tree’s too big

A tree can be a good focal point for a front garden, but a common mistake is planting a tree that grows too big for what’s often a small space, reducing light in your home.

If you’re planting a tree, make sure it won’t grow too big, and if it’s already too late, and you’ve got a monster tree in your front garden, get it professionally pruned.

You don’t care how it looks in winter

Your front garden is such a visible part of your property that you need to make sure it looks good all year round. While it’s easier in spring and summer because you can plant colourful bedding plants, make sure you’ve also got shrubs that look nice through the winter, and maybe even some winter-flowering plants.

You don’t pull up weeds

We don't just mean from flowerbeds, but also from your front paths and drive. Sprinkle on a patio weedkiller, or make it your policy to pull up any weeds you see as you walk through the front garden.

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Your bins are in the garden

Bins can make gardens look untidy, so see if there’s a less obvious place you can store them to help make your front garden look more presentable.

There’s no light

Instead of leaving your garden shrouded in darkness in the evening, put a few lanterns by the front door, go for solar lights to line the path, or fit security lighting.

You haven’t considered what it looks like from inside

Even if your front garden’s tidy with colourful flowering beds or tubs, try to make sure they can be seen from all angles, so that when you look out of your front window the garden looks as nice as it does when you walk through it.

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