With super sheds and cute cabins galore, the Shed of the Year competition is back.

Take a look around some of the world’s most unusual, incredible and inspiring creations.

1. Villa Ardilla, Granada, Spain

Villa Ardilla, Granada, Spain

This colourful and compact cabin was built using materials scavenged from a junkyard and gives a real feeling of living among the trees.

2. Eryn, British Columbia, Canada

Eryn, British Columbia, Canada

This beautiful nest-like construction sits elegantly among the canopy of a Vancouver forest and is an ideal spot to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle of the real world.

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3. Painting Studios, Lake Skarhamn, Sweden

Painting Studios, Lake Skarhamn, Sweden

These sheds were set up by the Nordic Watercolour museum to encourage collaboration between artists and art students.

4. Reindeer Pavilion, Dovrefjell National Park, Norway

Reindeer Pavilion, Dovrefjell National Park, Norway

You’ll have to embark on a 1.5km hike to visit this building, but it’s worth the effort when you discover this viewpoint over the Dovrefjell mountains.

5. Garden House, Netherlands

Garden House, Netherlands

Offering flexibility, this clever space can extend from six metres to 12 metres long thanks to an inner shell of double glass and an overarching roof of steel. It can also be opened up to the elements.

6. Bivouac, Vardø, Norway

Bivouac, Vardø, Norway

With a more extreme feeling, Bivouac exposes visitors to the harsh rocky arctic Norwegian landscape.

7. Playhouse, Finland

Playhouse, Finland

The ultimate children’s playhouse, this clever creation offers a blank canvas for your imagination to run wild.

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8. The Glass House, Wisconsin, US

The Glass House, Wisconsin, US

Built in just three months from recycled glass door panels and a tin roof rescued from a local salvage yard, this shed is perfect for weary travellers seeking a few home comforts in a natural setting.

9. Lushna, Slovenia

Lushna, Slovenia

Taking inspiration from a traditional tent, this cabin provides a superb solution to uneven camping ground on a Slovenian campsite.

10. The Mermaid House, Colorado, US

The Mermaid House, Colorado, US

Inspired by a love of mermaids and micro-living, this tiny hand-built house is made entirely out of recycled cordwood and bottles.

Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the Comments section below.

Photo credit: Cuprinol Shed of the Year