Hear a rustling in your garden? Spot a prickly little character? Then you're lucky enough to have a garden that's attractive to hedgehogs.

And on #HedgehogDay (February 2),here are five top tips for making sure your garden is safe for hedgehogs.

1. Allow them in

If possible, dedicate a small corner of your garden to visiting hedgehogs and make sure they can access it – whether it be by using hedges instead of fences, or creating a small hole under your garden fence.

Hedgehog home
Why not get a hedgehog home? (B&Q/PA)


2. Go wild

Keeping part of your garden wild will attract hedgehogs, as they love to explore. You can gather fallen leaves and other materials they might use for their nest here for them to pick up.

3. Keep them fed and watered

Providing food and drink for hedgehogs is bound to help them. Their natural diet includes slugs, snails and worms, but they also enjoy meat-based pet food, cat biscuits, chopped nuts, sultanas and minced meat. Don’t forget a bowl of drinking water. Don’t EVER give them bread or milk.

He might be hungry you know (RSPB/PA)


4. House them

You can buy hedgehog homes from garden centres or you can build one yourself with this handy guide.

5. Remove hazards

Their little feet are prone to getting caught in things so make sure you are hedgehog-aware and remove any hazards or an escape route. For example a thoughtful stepping stone to help them out of a pond will help.

For more great tips visit the British Hedgehog Preservation Society.