10 ways to moth-proof your clothes and wardrobe

Here’s how to do battle with the beasties.

Noticed a few holes in your woollens which aren’t down to a dodgy washing machine? It could be an infestation of moths.

So what can you do to moth-proof your clothes? Here's some tips:

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Here’s how to moth-proof your wardrobe:

1. Spread clothes out in the wardrobe, so it’s harder for larvae to migrate between clothes

2. Store valuable clothes in garment bags

3. Check regularly for signs of larvae - they look like small grains of white rice

4. Dry clean valuable garments often to keep the problem at bay

5. Carpets should be professionally cleaned every three months to maintain protection

6. Regularly vacuum under furniture that sits on top of carpets as this is where moths will breed

7. Vacuum areas where clothes are stored for long lengths of time e.g. under the bed

8. Use natural products to provide extra protection for clothes and minimize harm to moths, such as Orphea Moth Repellents and Lemongrass & Cedarwood Anti-Moth Spray.

9. Don’t leave dirty clothes in piles for longer than a few days

10. Don’t leave clothes in dark, undisturbed places if not packed in plastic bags

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