11 ways to keep you and your home cool during the heatwave - without using air conditioning

With the mercury rising, make sure you’re prepared.

We couldn't be more excited that we’re currently enjoying a mini heatwave, with temperatures due to soar to over 30 degrees in parts of the country.

So if you're struggling a little in the heat, here’s our guide to keeping cool in the sun…

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Slow down, stay indoors

Let’s get the common sense stuff out the way first… Stay out of the sun during the hottest hours of the day (11-3pm) and avoid physical exertion, so ditch that gym session and sit down with a cool glass of something instead.

Chill those peepers

If you’re heading out, obviously wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare of the sunshine, but when you’ve got a chance to relax, how about slapping some slices of cucumber on your eyes to cool them down and reduce the puffiness too?

Hot foot it

Socks are out, all manner of toe-exposing footwear is in. But to cool down hot, tired feet, try sitting with your tootsies in a bowl of cold water, which will nicely cool the rest of you down too.

Hats on

Walking around in the sun can literally make you hot-headed, so make sure you slap on a hat to avoid heat stroke and keep your head cool.

Fridge fun

Out in town and need to cool down quickly? Find your nearest supermarket and position yourself in the freezer or chilled foods section. Just looking at all those cool yogurts will make you feel less flustered.

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Room without a view

If you’re home all day, keep curtains and blinds closed and, if you can, just stick to those parts of the house where the sun’s not shining directly in, which will stay cooler. Also, keep windows closed in the sunniest rooms, so you don’t let the heat in.

Leaf it out

Keep well-watered indoor plants and bowls of cool water around the house, as evaporation apparently cools the ambient temperature.

Eat cold

There’s a very good reason we all turn to the salad drawer when the sun comes out – cold foods like salad and fruit contain more water, so will keep us hydrated and help to cool us down.

Drink, drink, drink

It’s crucial to maintain good hydration as you’ll be losing water through sweat, so grab a pint glass and fill it throughout the day with water or juice. But avoid hot caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee, as well as alcohol, which will dehydrate you.

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Take a dip

If the nearest swimming pool is rammed, then improvise with a splash in a lukewarm bath or brave a cold shower. Children will love running around under sprinklers if you have them in the garden, or dig out that old paddling pool for kids of all ages!

Summer nights

Trying to get to sleep on hot summer days can be a nightmare, so plan ahead by swapping the duvet for a sheet and opening windows in the bedroom before your bedtime.

Share your tips for staying cool in the heat in the Comments box below.

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