14 gifts to give Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as wedding presents

We’re not going to the wedding and you’re probably not either - but we won’t tell. Why not have a bit of fun with the couple’s alternative wedding registry?

Does anyone else remember that so-bad-it’s-amazing-and-omg-I-can’t-stop-watching reality show circa 2014 called I Wanna Marry Harry?

For those who didn’t, 12 American women were led to believe that they were competing for the affections of none other than Prince Harry.

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Shock horror - it wasn’t really the man fifth in line to the throne, but actually a ginger English man who if you were drunk and squinted a bit could totally pass for Harry!

Perhaps Meghan saw this show - which has seen a resurgence in popularity and even a petition created in the hope it will return to ITV ahead of the wedding -  as inspiration to steal our prince’s heart.

A box set is surely the best wedding present ever, but alas, no such collection of DVDs currently exists.

Instead, here are our wedding gift suggestions that probably won’t make the official royal wedding gift list.

1. The Princess Diaries Collection


Mia Thermopolis is a normal teenage girl navigating high school when her grandmother arrives and tells her she’s actually the heir to the thrown of Genovia.

Yes, it’s fiction, but perhaps Meghan could find the adventures of an American who suddenly finds herself at the centre of a European monarchy invaluable.

2. Megan McKenna’s single


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She’s the other Megan and princess of Essex (Gemma Collins is obviously queen) so what better gift to help immerse the new royal in our culture than Megan’s single Far Cry From Love?

3. Tatler subscription


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We’re guessing that married life will put an end to Harry’s days as a partygoing lad-about-town.

All those parties and all that FOMO needn’t be a problem though – all he needs is a Tatler subscription to keep up with all the latest news from his social circles.

I’m sure Meghan desperately needs to know the answer to the burning question ‘how many Sloanes can you fit in a Ford Fiesta?’ too.

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4. Tickets to the Spice Girls exhibition


With rumours flying that the world’s favourite girl band will be reuniting to entertain guests at the royal wedding, it’s a safe bet to assume that the couple are fans.

Spice up their lives with tickets to the Spice Girls exhibition in London to relive their history.

5. William and Kate: The Movie


A Lifetime movie about Harry and Meghan’s love story is in the pipeline and we’re excited.

Currently, they’re tight-lipped about when we can expect the movie to be released for our viewing pleasure - but the newlyweds will surely enjoy reliving the romance of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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6. Holistic Silk Anti Ageing Rejuvenating Gift Set 

Holistic silk

It’s hard work being a princess, so no doubt Meghan will need plenty of shut-eye.

If she’s at the Princess-and-the-Pea level of light sleeper, this gift set from Holistic Silk available from Cult Beauty will be a welcome wedding present.

The dreamy duo of silk pillowcase and eye mask will ensure our newest royal gets plenty of beauty sleep.

7. Tickets to Polo In The Park


Prince Harry loves a good game of polo, and a trip to Polo In The Park gives Meghan the chance to channel Julia Roberts’ Pretty Woman style.

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8. A gravy boat

Gravy Boat

The couple have spoken fondly of spending time at home together at Nottingham Cottage.

Cosy weekends for Harry and Meghan centre around a British tradition – the Sunday roast.

A gravy boat given to the couple will be well used and appreciated.

9. Baby Annabell

Baby Annabell

As they say, first comes love, second comes marriage, third comes a baby in a baby carriage.

If they’re not ready for the real thing, this doll could be a great practise baby - plus it’s essentially named after one of the royals’ favourite nightlife spots.

10. Helicopter lessons


Strong relationships are built on equal partnerships.

Harry was deployed to Afghanistan as a helicopter pilot, so flying lessons for Meghan will only add to the list of things they have in common.

11. Hairmax Laserband


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Prince William started balding after marrying the Duchess of Cambridge in 2011.

Help prevent Harry from suffering a similar fate and losing his luscious ginger locks with the Hairmax Laserband.

12. Flowers from Kensington Flower Corner

If you’re really stuck for inspiration, why not go for a classic bouquet from their local florists?

Who knows, maybe Harry even bought his fiancée some blooms from here before proposing.

13. A dog tuxedo


Meghan’s love of dogs will see her fit in well with her new in-laws.

As we know, she brought one of her dogs, Guy, over from Canada when she moved to London. Bogart, sadly, was considered unfit to fly and has found a loving home in Canada.

As Guy is a much-loved part of her family, he shouldn’t have to miss out on their special day.

He might not make it into St George’s Chapel but a dog tuxedo is enough to keep him involved with proceedings.

14. Markle & Spencer IPA

Markle and Spencer IPA

We all know that in his younger days Harry could get a little boozy, but that's just how we Brits celebrate.

Help the happy couple party at their wedding reception with this limited edition IPA named after both Meghan's family and Harry's maternal family. 

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