If you want to make sure your home is prepped for any bad weather, here are some top tips on how to kit your home out in preparation for snow, blizzards and icy weather.

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1. Check your roof for broken tiles and damaged bricks. Get these fixed now, before snow gets in the cracks and causes more trouble and leaks.

2. Clean out gutters so ice doesn’t collect and form in them.

3. Stock up on salt or sand for use on paths and outside steps (don’t use it on lawns or flowerbeds though, as plants don’t like it).

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4. Bring pot plants inside and mulch outdoor plants and trees that don’t appreciate the frost.

5. Insulate water pipes and taps, inside and out, to keep them warm and prevent them from freezing as temperatures drop. If they do freeze, thaw them out with a hairdryer.

6. Drain and disconnect hoses, and loop and hang them neatly so you don’t trip over them covered in snow.

7. Clear the lawn of debris and garden toys/tools to prevent them becoming obstacles when the snow falls.

8. Invest in a snow shovel and keep it close at hand, in the porch, or inside the shed/or garage door, so it’s ready at the first sign of snow.

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9. Check the insulation and ventilation in your loft. If it’s too warm up there, when it snows, the snow can melt on the roof, which can cause issues because of how heavy it is, and then trickle down and reform as ‘ice dams’ in your guttering, causing blockages.

10. Make sure outside drains are clear, if they’re blocked now before snow, they’ll certainly overflow and become blocked when winter hits.

11. Get any overhanging branches that, when covered in snow, may affect your property, lopped off. Same goes for excess leaves, which will all happily collect snow.

12. Install carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in your home if, to counteract the cold, you’re lighting fires and candles.

13. Keep the heating on for at least an hour a day to keep water running through the pipes, and the house warm against the freezing weather outside.