The kitchen is the epicentre of the home, which usually means it’s the source of a fair bit of chaos.

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But, there are some handy – albeit sometimes slightly kooky – tips and tricks out there to help restore a little harmony to your home.

1. Fed up with having to deconstruct the leaning tower of pizza boxes every time you need something from the freezer? Lie magazine racks on their sides as makeshift shelves.

2. Use a tension rod to hang cleaning products, creating more space in often cramped under-the-sink cabinets.

3. Try a simple binder clip to keep sponges upright after using, helping them dry faster and saving them from damp, mildewy build up.

4. Make a habit of pouring boiling water down your drain to prevent clogs. Clawing food scraps out the plug hole with their nails is nobody’s idea of fun.

5. Dab a microfibre cloth with some dry flour to buff your stainless steel appliances. Rinse off, and they should be looking shiny and new.

6. Pesky piece of egg shell in your mixture? Wet your fingers before removing it. Trust us, it’ll make things so much easier.

7. Use cookie cutters to get creative with the shape of your fried eggs.

8. Determine how fresh an egg is by dropping it into a bowl of water. Very fresh eggs will sink to the bottom and lie on their side, while bad eggs will float and bob along the surface.

9. While we’re on the subject of eggs, rub a little vegetable oil on them before refrigerating for an added three to four weeks of freshness.

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10. It sound strange, but dental floss is perfect for cutting soft foods like cheese or cake. Unscented, obviously. Unless you want everything to taste of mint.

11. Place a wooden spoon over the pan to stop it boiling over. We’re not sure why this works, it just does. We strongly suspect it’s magic.

12. Storing ice cream in freezer bags keeps it scoopably soft, which means your spoon collection can remain happily unbent.

13. Use frozen grapes to chill wine without diluting it.

14. Store avocados with a cut onion. The sulphur from the onions prevents the avocados from going brown.

15. For a ridiculously delicious instant hot chocolate, add warm milk to the dregs of a nearly-finished Nutella jar and shake. Chuck in a few marshmallows too, just for good measure.

16. If you don’t have a peeler, boil your potatoes with the skin on then give them an ice bath. The skin will separate, meaning you can pick it off with ease.

17. If you cry more cutting onions than you did at the end of Titanic, try holding a piece of bread in your mouth while you chop. It’s an interesting look, but, as the bread absorbs the irritant gas before it reaches the eyes, you may just thank us for it.

18. Cut cherry tomatoes in five seconds flat by placing them between two plates and gently slicing horizontally through the gap between them while pressing down on the top plate.

19. If your microwave has seen more explosions than Bonfire Night, you’ll be all too familiar with the dried-on, seemingly impossible-to-remove stains left behind. Put a wet sponge inside the microwave, spraying the sides with a mixture of water and lemon essential oil. Zap for a couple of minutes, let it cool then use the sponge to wipe away those pesky marks.

20. Before measuring something sticky, like honey or syrup, coat your spoon with a dab of cooking oil. The mixture will slide right off without leaving any residue.