Ironing isn’t top of many people’s lists of favourite chores. It’s time-consuming, labour-intensive, and no matter how careful you are, it seems it's almost impossible to make pesky wrinkles disappear completely.

But that freshly-pressed, good-as-new effect is within reach, according to the experts at cleaning specialist Dr. Beckmann.

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Here, they share their tips for ironing like a true pro.

1. Be prepared

Firstly, give yourself time to get prepared. Unfold the cuffs and the collar so the sleeves can be laid flat. You might even want to iron both the outside and the inside of the shirt to make it easier to achieve that crisp look.


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2. Know the shirt

Before ironing, you need to know the fabric. You want to get the shirt looking crisp, not burnt to a crisp. Look at the label, and on the off-chance it isn’t there, just use a lower heat setting. Slowly dial up the setting until the shirt begins to respond to the heat.

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3.  Start with the sleeves first

When ironing a shirt, it’s best to start with the sleeves because they can hang off the ironing board while the rest of the shirt is being ironed. Next, move onto the collar and lay it flat, ensuring you iron from the middle outwards in each direction.

To iron the body of the shirt, neatly fold one side of the shirt into the middle, moving the iron from the collar of the shirt to the bottom and then do the same with the opposite side, before finishing with the back to ensure every area is covered.


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4. Let your shirt hang

When you’re done, it’s important to let the shirt cool down - give the fabric a chance to settle, giving you that flat, crease-free shirt.

What are your ironing tips? Let us know in the Comments section below.