5 tips for keeping towels soft

Keep towels staying new and fluffy for longer with our simple steps.

After a relaxing bath, there’s nothing better than enveloping yourself in the fluffiest of towels.

And with a few simple steps, you can ensure your towels stay more five-star than frayed for as long as possible.

1. Put new towels in the wash

“Always wash your new towels before you use them to 'break them in,'” says Chrissie Rucker, owner and founder of luxury home brand The White Company. “It takes several washes for towels to achieve their maximum absorbency, softness and fluffiness.”

2. Avoid using fabric conditioner

Resist the temptation to chuck loads of fabric softener in your towel wash. “It leaves a 'coat' on the towelling loops, which reduces their absorbency,” says Rucker. “If you do use fabric conditioner, use only the tiniest amount in only the occasional wash.”

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3. Easy on the detergent

Too much detergent will make your towels feel stiffer than they should, as they begin to gather soapy residue. Also, avoid using too stringent a detergent – a normal or gentle one should suffice.

4. Use tumble dryer balls

Textured dryer balls in the drum of your tumble dryer will help make your towels extra soft and fluffy. Alternatively, says Rucker, “a couple of tennis balls in a pillowcase will do the job just as well. They basically keep the drum moving to help air get inside the towels”.

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5. Give them a shake out before drying

If you’re using a tumble drier, give your wet, washed towels a good shake before you chuck them in. It helps them stay fluffy and plush.

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