If you’re not going bananas about actually eating the potassium-loaded staple, why not consider trying these lesser-known options?

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1. Shine your shoes and your silver 

Did you know banana peel is an ace money-saving way to polish leather… and silver? Rather than using pricey polishes that will no doubt get lost in the cupboard under the stairs after one use, just rub the skin on to the surface and buff with a cloth.

2. Freeze them

Did you know you can freeze bananas? (Julien Behal/PA)

Worried your bunch is about to go brown? Not many people realise you can freeze overripe bananas, (even without the skin or before they ripen) to eat at a later date. If it’s OK for them to be mushy then they can be defrosted in the microwave. Or you can pop them in a blender with milk or yoghurt to make a delicious smoothie straight from the freezer.

3. Make your teeth white

Simon Cowell
Bananas could help you achieve a white smile like Simon Cowell… naturally (Dominic Lipinski/PA)


Bananas are another great natural product that apparently whiten teeth (aside from lemon juice and baking soda, strawberries or coconut oil). If you eat enough bananas, save the peel and rub it directly onto your teeth for a couple of minutes after brushing.

4. Feed your roses

Roses are… yellow? (Katie Collins/PA)


The nutrients from banana peel can be used to feed plants such as roses. They can be cut up and placed around the roots for maximum growth. Banana skin is a fab fertiliser for plants and also helps combat aphids.

5. Stop that itchy insect bite

Use a banana to relieve an itchy bite (Patrick Pleul/DPA)


Bananas are a great home remedy that can be used to treat those nagging mosquito bites. Again it’s the peel of the banana that does the hard work – hold the inside of the skin on the bite for up to 10 minutes, rubbing occasionally to alleviate itching. Enjoy the fruit while you’re waiting!

6. Remove a splinter

Did you know you can remove a splinter with banana peel? (Rui Vieira/PA)


Step away from the tweezers (did you actually sterilise them?) and grab a banana. If you’ve got a splinter that won’t budge, pressing the inside of a banana skin onto it should draw it out with its natural enzymes.

7. Improve your roast dinner

Roast dinner
How about a banana with your roast dinner? (David Davies/PA)


If you can get hold of banana leaves, be inspired by many Asian countries and wrap the meat to make it more tender. However, if you can’t get the leaves, you can also make sure your roast dinner tastes good by adding a peeled and ripe banana to the meat tray.