8 surprising uses for clear nail varnish around the house

It’s good for way more than just painting your nails – turns out clear nail varnish can be handy for warts and all…

Think your favourite clear nail polish is just a one-trick pony? Think again!

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From stopping ladders in your tights running any further, to waterproofing matches, your little pot of varnish is in-fact a multi-tasking best friend.

1. Prevent rusty screws

Noticed the screws on your toilet seat are all rusty and leak reddish fluid when you clean the toilet? Painting over the screws when new with a couple of coats of clear nail varnish should solve the rust issue.

2. Salt shaker holes

Want a clever way to limit the amount of salt you or your partner put on their food? Paint over one of the holes in your salt shaker with clear nail polish (on the inside if poss) and hey presto, you’ve cut your salt intake.

3. Laddered tights

An oldie but a goodie. Paint a small dab of clear varnish at either end of a run in your tights to stop it in its tracks. It should last through a couple of washes too.

4. Protecting jewellery

Costume jewellery has a tendency to tarnish and often go green very quickly from the oils in your skin. But a thin layer of clear nail polish applied to the parts which have contact with the skin will prevent the jewellery from rusting and can protect those who might be allergic.

5. Frayed laces

It can be unsightly, not to mention inconvenient, when an old pair of shoelaces starts unravelling. Twist and squeeze the ends together and dip into your pot of varnish to tame them again.

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6. Splintered wood

However much you try to protect wooden furniture, it’s likely that at some point, there’ll be a dent or a scratch – particularly if the grandkids are running amok. Any splinters in wooden furniture can be removed with a sharp knife and painted over with nail varnish.

7. Windscreen holes

As a temporary fix, you can stop cracks in your windscreen from spreading by painting clear nail varnish on both sides.

8. Waterproofing matches

The campers among you will know rain and matches don’t mix. Apparently dipping the head and part of the wood of the match into your bottle of nail polish will waterproof them.

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