Whether you’ve left it too late, run out at the last, crucial moment, or just plain forgotten to stock up on Christmas wrapping paper, don’t panic. We’ve got more than a few solutions, most of which you’ll find in a drawer around the house.

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In fact, quirky gifts site Prezzybox.com has come up with nine alternatives to your usual rolls of wrapping paper:

1. Greaseproof paper

Smooth with a bit of a glint to it, as long as you haven’t used it all up in pre-Christmas baking, greaseproof paper is quite a good bet. Until, that is, you remember that it likes springing back to its original shape and isn’t all that friendly to sticky tape…

Practicality rating: 5/10

2. Tissue paper

This stuff just seems to accumulate in the backs of cupboards, deliberately hoarded from birthday present leftovers and ASOS deliveries. Often pretty, but rarely festive, you need layers of it to truly disguise what’s underneath. It also tears easily. However, it is easy to fold neatly.

Practicality rating: 6/10

3. Tinfoil

Shiny, super-shimmery, and kids will absolutely love it - it exudes space-age chic - tinfoil makes the most sense style-wise. You might need to save it for keeping the turkey warm though, and it’s a nightmare trying to not rip it.

Practicality rating: 7/10

4. Newspaper

Easy to come by, and uniform, so your presents will all look rather smart piled up together, the only worry is the newsprint coming off on what’s underneath. Alternatively, try colourful pages torn out of magazines!

Practicality rating: 9/10

5. Knitted scarf

This only makes sense if you’re actually planning on giving someone a scarf. Otherwise they’ll open their gift and you’ll awkwardly have to ask for your winter warmer back. Plus, it makes for bulky and lumpy wrapping.

Practicality rating: 3/10

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6. Tea towel

Same as above, but, to be fair, many a mother-in-law would be quite pleased with tea towels as a present…

Practicality rating: 5/10

7. Silk scarf

In theory, a wonderful idea. Tie it up with ribbon - you’ll save on sticky tape - and every recipient will be utterly charmed. However, just exactly how many silk scarves do you have lying around? You’re going to need quite a few…

Practicality rating: 8/10

8. Wallpaper

The stuff just doesn’t fold. NEXT!

Practicality rating: 2/10

9. Crepe paper

Crepe paper is usually only found in homes with crafty children. Otherwise a trip to the art supplies shop is in order. If you’re already off out, why not just get real wrapping paper? Still, if you do have some, it works a treat.

Practicality rating: 6/10


Whatever you decide to do your wrapping with, just don’t resort to cling film…