9 natural ways to get rid of spiders in the home

As autumn hits, it means spider season is beginning too. Here’s how to spider-proof your home without resorting to chemicals...

Keep spiders at bay and out of your house with these all-natural tips:

1. Keep it clean

Make it harder for spiders to set up home by keeping your house as clean and tidy and web free as possible. Staying on top of tidying, hoovering and bleaching will mean the little critters have fewer places to hide.

2. Collect conkers

In folklore, people traditionally warded off spiders by leaving conkers by door and window frames – apparently they hate them. Worth a try, right?

3. Chestnuts

Not got any conkers? Chestnuts allegedly work in exactly the same way.

4. Use mint

The smell of peppermint puts spiders off too. Fill a spray bottle with a mix of water and peppermint essential oils and spritz around the house. It’ll smell nice too!

5. Try vinegar

Another smell spiders supposedly hate is vinegar. As with the peppermint oil, spritz a solution of white vinegar and water in areas prone to spider visits.

6. Buy lemons

Spiders aren’t fond of citrus either. Start opting for citrus-flavoured cleaning products, or even rub citrus peel in nooks and crannies that spiders seem to frequent.

7. Spider proof, literally

It might take a bit of work, but it’s worth sealing any places where spiders make their entrance, from gaps in window frames to vents and under doors – it’ll make your house warmer too!

8. Cedar

Cedar is known for putting off clothes moths, but did you know it can repel spiders as well? Try leaving out bowls of cedar chippings, and opt for cedar coat hangers instead of plastic ones.

9. Get a cat

Cats are just as fond of chasing mice as they are of ‘playing’ with spiders. Get one and you’re bound to have fewer spider infestations – and you’ll have a cat to cuddle; win win!


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