9 ways to loosen a tight jar lid

Finding it tricky opening that jar of your favourite jam? Here are some nifty ways to get into it.

If you struggle to open jars, and find yourself just pushing them to the back of the cupboard until someone strong visits, wait no longer!

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These tricks will make opening tightly sealed jars an absolute breeze…

1. Rubber band

Improve your grip on the jar by placing a wide rubber band around the rim of the lid. It’ll make twisting it much easier.

2. Rubber gloves

Similarly, instead of using your bare hands, pop on a pair of marigolds to boost grip.

3. Water hammer

Tip the jar – lid facing down – at a 45 degree angle and whack the base of the jar quite hard. This should break the seal by increasing the pressure beneath the lid. You should hear a ‘pop’ sound, and the lid should then come off easily.


4. Hot water

Run the lid of the jar under a very hot tap – being careful not to burn yourself. The temperature of the water should make the lid expand, breaking the seal in the process. You can also place the jar upside down in a bowl of water and leave it for five minutes.

5. Hair dryer

If hot water didn’t work, you can use a hairdryer, applying heat to the lid. Although this will only work on metal lids, as plastic ones are likely to melt.

6. Tap it

If brute force doesn’t work, try tapping the lid with the back of a spoon to break the seal, you can also tap the base against a hard surface, or the floor, for the same effect.


7. Dent it

Using a sturdy spoon, rotate the jar, denting the lid with the side of the spoon as you go. It may take a while, but should break the seal. Be careful not to bash and break the jar though.

8. Pry it open

Use a knife and wedge it under the lip of the lid and pry it open, using the knife as a lever. Any strong metal utensil that’s thin at one end should do the job.

9. Buy a gadget

If all else fails, get yourself a proper jar opening gadget – Lakeland sells a whole selection: http://www.lakeland.co.uk/in-the-kitchen/kitchen-utensils/tin,-jar-and-bottle-openers

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