Waste not, want not may be an age old adage, but if you’re looking for inspiration on how to save money and make the most out of what you have, it certainly rings true around the house.

A little shopping secret is to not go shopping at all and make sure you use things up before replenishing your shelves, cupboards and drawers.

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It may take a little creativity and imagination, but common sense will prevail and determine what you can repurpose. After all, if a shampoo you bought was more lacklustre than lively, there’s no reason why you can’t use it to brighten the dishes and clean the cutlery instead.

Not to mention those old cotton t-shirts and vests that make far better polishing cloths than bought ones. Simply take a pair of scissors, snip the neckline and sleeves off and you’ll have a twin pack - or should I say a dusting duo Mrs Mop would be proud of.

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Here are some other bright ideas for everyday things…

Old soap into new

When those old bars of soap end up as slivers, store them in a jar and in no-time you’ll have enough pieces to pop in the microwave (just for a few seconds with a little water) and mould into a lovely bath size bar of soap

Organise with loo roll

Reuse toilet paper rolls to organise cables, string and ribbons

Boots and booze

Use old wine bottles to keep your boots from toppling over… tuck the bottle into the shaft of the boot so they stand upright

Picture this

An old picture frame makes a perfect tray for serving afternoon tea

Pretty pens

Beauty mistakes such as a red lipstick you’ll never wear or a turquoise eye liner can be used to sign your name in birthday cards and letters

Hairspray leftover? Spray it

It’s a fixative right? Use old hairspray to stick back labels that have started to peel and if you’re drying roses, spray the petals before you hang them upside down to stop them falling off

Let’s face it

Bought an expensive night cream that’s irritated the skin on your face? Don’t despair, our necks, décolleté and limbs can be far less sensitive and it will make a brilliant hand and foot cream  

Clean with newspapers

Old newspapers work wonders for cleaning windows. Don’t worry, the print won’t come off on the glass and they work better than a cloth for getting rid of streaks

A jammy idea

Don’t throw away those old jam jars! They make brilliant vases for freshly picked wild flowers, a cheeky cocktail and loose change that’s weighing down your purse.