Crafting hobby: 5 crafts to try

Looking for a new hobby? Here are five great crafts you can try for yourself.

There’s something quite therapeutic about listening to the sound of knitting needles clicking, or sorting out your sewing basket and colour co-ordinating cotton reels.

No matter that you may not have a dress pattern to hand, or are not quite sure yourself how to spin a good yarn, you can always improvise and start making pom poms.

Along with the feel-good factor that also comes from being thrifty (even a multi-millionaire likes to watch her pennies), research also suggests people have more energy if they engage in something creative.

Here are some of our favourites to try.

1. Needlepoint


Along with a needlepoint canvas, you’ll need a tapestry needle to get stitch happy. They come in various sizes, and with a blunt point, there’s no risk of pricking yourself. The embroidery options are endless but a needlepoint pillow, canvas or chair cover can be a thing of beauty.

2. Crochet


Enjoying a revival, it’s not just the obvious baby booties and mini blankets little ones can snuggle into, this summer’s must are crochet baby flip-flops. All you need is a medium weight yarn in a fun colour, a size F hook and a yarn needle.

3. Nail varnish marbled coasters

Nail varnish

Has your favourite nail polish gone thick or lost its shine? Why not put those old white tiles stacked up in the garage to good use. After all, you’ll be needing more coasters for summer socials! Create fun, marble effects by filling a container with a couple of inches of water, dropping in the nail polish, use a toothpick to make swirls and then dip in the tiles. A sealant will keep the patterns in check and a little felt glued to the back will stop scratches on work surfaces. Ta da.

4. Paint

Whether it’s a small canvas or something larger, you don’t need to be the next David Hockney to paint your own swimming pool. A swish of blue here and a swirl of orange there can be easy on the eye. Try using acrylic paints which dry fast and can be used straight from the tube.

5. Trimmings

Whether it’s threading beads, creating a pendant from an old curtain tassel, or sewing buttons on a cushion, you’ll be surprised how creative you can be with remnants from vintage curtains or the sales box in the haberdashery department.

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