While fireworks on bonfire night can be loads of fun for us humans, it can cause a great amount of stress for our furry friends, especially dogs.

In fact, half of dog owners don’t know how to reduce stress in their canine companions, but there are some simple tips to help our furry friends feel a little safer and relaxed according to a survey by pet supplement specialist Pettura.

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We’ve asked TV vet Marc Abraham and dog behaviour expert Carolyn Menteith for six tips on helping your dog stay calm.


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1. Walkies

During the fireworks season, it’s best to walk your dog in the day so your pet has had plenty of exercise before the loud bands start.

Research when fireworks are taking place in your area and make sure you walk your dog beforehand.

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2. Calming music

Close all the windows and curtains, and put on some music to help mask the sound of fireworks, or thunder.

3. Doggy den

One stress-reducing technique is to build a doggy den for your pet – an area of the house where they can feel protected and retreat to if they are feeling anxious.

This can be their bed or even behind the sofa; wherever they feel most comfortable.

4. Be kind

It’s important not to get angry or punish your pets if they are scared, barking, or even make a mess indoors.

Keep your voice down and be a calming influence on your pet – telling them off in this situation will only make things worse in the long run.

5. Keep an eye on them

Look for signs of anxiety in your dog, such as your dog licking his lips or yawning.

There can also be more serious signs such as panting, shaking or trying to hide under furniture.

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6. Use calming supplements

Supplements, such as Pettura Calming, can help to reduce stress and anxiety in dogs.

Just add a few pumps of the liquid to your dog’s food and it should get to work within 15 minutes.

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