While it’s an easy every day task most of us don’t think twice about, for sufferers of arthritis, cooking can be complicated and painful.

Try our top tips to make things easier.

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1. Use a plant stand for heavy pots

Filling a pan with lots of water can make it heavy.

One great tip is to put the empty pan on a plant stand with wheels and fill it with water using a measuring cup.

Then you can wheel it back to the hob to reduce the amount of lifting involved.

2. Use an apple corer

Keep chopping and slicing vegetables to a minimum with an apple corer. Use your forearms to put weight on the corer to slice through any vegetables you need to chop.

3. Make stirring easier

If you have difficulty stirring, switch to an electric handheld blender with a whisk. Try and find one that’s lightweight and easy to use.

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4. Separate eggs the easy way

Separating egg whites from the yolk can be fiddly and frustrating. Crack an egg into a funnel over a bowl. This way the whites will run through the funnel into the bowl while the yolk stays put.


5. Hang pots and pans

This way you won’t have to bend down or move things around to get to them in cupboards.

6. Buy jars with easy-open lids

Thankfully, there are a number of brands that are making jars that are easier to open.

Jam-maker Duerr's has introduced the innovative easy-open Orbit lid across its range of jams and marmalades nationwide.

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7. Keep an easy to use kettle

The Studio by Dualit Kettle is designed to be lightweight, has an easy-grip handle and gives the easiest of pours thanks to its low pouring angle preventing dangerous spills.

8. Open cans the easy way

Culinare’s nifty OneTouch Can Opener is the gadget you need if you struggle with fiddly tins.

The magnet button lifts and releases the lid easily for disposal and is ideal for those with limited hand mobility.

What are your tips for cooking with arthritis? Let us know in the Comments section below.