Unless you're one of the more organised among us, chances are you'll end up somewhere around 11 o'clock on Christmas Eve, after a couple of sherrys, feverishly trying to wrap a pile of presents and remember what you've bought who.

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Sound familiar? Well, don't panic, help is at hand this Christmas, in the form of wrapping angel Arona Khan, the world's first wrapping consultant.

Making your gifts look gorgeous doesn't have to be a chore, according to Khan, as long as you follow her seven simple rules...

1. Pretty paper

Make sure you choose the right kinds of wrapping paper. If the item you are wrapping is an awkward shape, then thick wrapping paper isn't always the right choice. Flexible materials, like cellophane and tissue paper, are perfect for awkward shapes.

2. Measure up

When using a roll of gift wrap, first take a length of curling ribbon around the gift to measure how much paper you need.

3. Handle with care

Protect fragile items going through the post. For example, for prints, frames and mounted canvas, always wrap cushioning material at least 5cm thick around each item. Wrap prints in tissue paper.

4. Sticky business

Make sure you use the right sticky tape - make it blend in with the item. If you can, use double-sided sticky tape which you can't see at all.

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5. Golden rule

Don't tape the paper to the present. It doesn't help, may damage the gift and causes problems if the recipient wants to exchange it.

6. Trim-endous tip

Trim off excessive wrap - you want to wrap the present - not mummify it!

7. Cut it out

Don't be a kamikaze curler. It's dangerous! That means curl your curling ribbon with your scissors closed, to help stop you cutting yourself.