Eight-legged invaders. Ugh. And once you’ve seen one make a mad dash across the carpet, you know it’s only a matter of time before their spindly mates join in.

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Whether they surprise you in the bath, sneak up on you in the kitchen or ruin a night in front of the TV by scuttling across your slippers, house spiders are unwelcome and, quite frankly, striking terror into arachnophobe’s hearts up and down the country.

But rather than sign your house over to the long-limbed creepy crawlies and quivering in a cupboard (they’ll probably be in there too), first attempt to take action with these top anti-spider tips…

Keep your house clean

If you’ve ever picked an item of clothing up off the floor, only to find you’ve unsettled a long-limbed visitor taking refuge in your mess, you’ll understand the panic that ensues.

The screaming, the tears (let’s be honest), the, ‘I’m not going to bed until it’s found’ threat. But there’s something you can do to prevent this from happening – and that is to simply tidy up!

House spiders love clutter, so by getting things organised and cleaning even in the most difficult-to-reach places, you’ll not only eliminate any spider nests, you’ll rid the menaces of their hiding places and food supply, too. Win-win.

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Plug-in repellants

If you’re super terrified of arachnids, chances are once you’ve spotted a critter, you’ll have run a mile and called the nearest partner/friend/neighbour/passerby for help. But if all else fails, you may have to catch the spindly houseguest yourself. If this is the case and the old glass and paper trick leaves you too close for comfort, maybe it’s time to rethink your spider-catching methods.

From plug-in repellers, to fold-together traps and specially formulated vacuums, there’s plenty to invest in that means you can keep your distance at all times.

Anti-spider plan

You’ve done all you can to protect your home from the creepy interlopers, including chucked a few out, but how do you prevent a revenge-fuelled return?

First up in the anti-spider plan, check that all of your windows and doors are shut properly and that there are no small gaps for any trespassers to squeeze through. Second, patch up any cracks and holes around windows, vents, doors or electrical points using a tough sealant such as caulk. It doesn’t mean you’ll never lay eyes on one again, but it will make life very difficult for them.

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Ward them off

While there’s an influx of products on the market – think killer aerosols and repellents – these are often crammed with chemicals and certainly not an environmentally friendly means to tackle the problem. A safer and kinder way to deal with invaders would be to trial effective, natural methods such as spraying your house with lavender, citronella, peppermint, tea-tree, citrus or eucalyptus oils. 

While it might sound a little OTT, spiders supposedly hate the smell. And if that doesn’t work, before you run for the hills, try placing conkers or walnuts around windowsills and doorways to deter entry.