From torrential rain to gale force winds and possibly even snow, now’s the time to storm-proof your home as Storm Doris hits the UK.

And if you haven't already, there's no time like now to put some storm-proofing tips into place to help secure your home as best as you can.

Top storm-proofing tips:

1. Unplug all unnecessary appliances to avoid damage by power surges.

2. Turn your fridge and freezer to their coldest settings to avoid food spoilage.

3. Remove any items in the garden that can be blown down during high winds.

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4. If the power fails in your home and you need to use candles for light, be sure to use them safely. Use sturdy and fireproof candle-holders and never leave an open flame in an unoccupied room or where children can reach it.

5. If you are using a portable generator, never run it inside the home or garage as it produces carbon monoxide which is poisonous.

6. If you notice damp patches within your home following a storm or heavy rainfall, turn off electricity at the fuseboard and contact an electrician for assistance. Damp wiring can be a fire hazard.

7. Wind can lift roof tiles and slates. You should visually inspect your roof after high winds to see if any tiles or slates have been compromised.

What are your tips for storm-proofing your home? Share them in the Comments box below.

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