Pipping Asda, Tesco and Morrisons to the post Waitrose has been named best supermarket at the annual Which? Awards.

Which explains why a Facebook page called Overheard in Waitrose is an internet sensation. The page shares the first-world problems encountered by shoppers at the posh people’s supermarket.

Whether to buy Parmesan that’s bigger than the cheese grater, if ‘Lego’ has a ‘t’ like ‘Merlot’ and whether olives are really suitable for a 10th birthday party are all issues that have caused Waitrose customers to wonder aloud, according to entries featured on the site.

The page, which started on April 14, already has 124,000 followers eager to enjoy and submit the unlikely phrases that have rung round the aisles and tills of Britain’s 300 Waitrose stores.

It’s not known who created the page, the description of which reads: “A page for publishing words often heard permeating the aisles of Britain's poshest supermarket”.

The page follows in the footsteps of other middle-class social media monitors including the Highgate Mums Twitter timeline and the evergreen #firstworldproblems trend.

Here are some of our favourite Overheard in Waitrose lines:


lego like merlot?

Au pairs

Wine thermometer