We’re all for making our lives easier, especially when it comes to preparing food.

One kitchen trick we’ve picked up is a decidedly simple way to slice a handful of cherry tomatoes in one go.

Rather than having to cut each one individually, this food hack lets you chop a plateful in half all at once.

No special equipment is required – just a couple of small plates and a sharp knife.

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Give it a go next time you fancy some cherry tomatoes!

Here’s the fastest way to slice a bunch of cherry tomatoes:

Step 1: Pop a handful of cherry tomatoes on to a small plate

Step 2: Place another plate, the same size, upside down on top of the tomatoes, making sure there’s a small gap between the two plates

Step 3: Using a sharp knife, carefully run the blade between the two plates, away from you. Make sure you hold the top plate securely to stop it from slipping

Step 4: Remove the top plate and you’ll have perfectly halved tomatoes

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